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"Our current technology environment is bombarding the human body with foreign electromagnetic frequency. Just like meditation is for the psycho and spiritual wellness the VoxxLife socks provide a small space of silence for listening with your body to reconnect with original math!"

Dr. Zach Bush, MD

"VOXX HPT is a revolution in neuroscience. We need to revisit the textbooks to include this profound and remarkable breakthrough in neuro-modulation. In simple terms, it is at least a century ahead of current understandings of neuro-modulation."

Dr. Robert Thatcher, PhD

"The neuro-modulation from the VoxxLife products increases energy, helps improve balance, strength and improves cognitive function...I NEVER GOT A DAY WITHOUT THEM especially when I am SPEAKING!!! When you see your brain light up on qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) studies, it's hard to be skeptical."

Dr. Billy DeMoss, DC

When I first experienced VoxxLife socks, I was amazed at how much they immediately improved my EEG brain-wave pattern and how much better energy and mental clarity I felt while wearing them. Then I saw similar results on my colleagues. I don't understand completely how VOXX HPT socks do what they do, but I am now a believer in VoxxLife.

Dr. Lee Cowden, MD

"This is the only tech I know that radically and quickly improves the qEEG and it's safe and affordable for everyone!"

Dr. Joe Mercola, MD

“In over 41 years of chiropractic practice focused on the spine and the effects to extremities, I have never experienced a product that has made such an impact on the patient’s response to care and the resolution of their conditions. They are extremely excited about their immediate results increasing their faith, confidence and belief in me as their practitioner.” 

Dr. Mark Werking, DC

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